Our Customers

We at Moodys think extremely highly of our customers and their products and look to work with them to enhance their aesthetic finish.

Our customers all look for great service and an excellent product which are the key elements that underpin our company. Our ability to repeatedly produce decks for the production boat builder gives confidence and peace of mind.

When our customers order a Moody deck they know they are getting a superior decking product that is arguably the best teak deck with durability produced in the UK which will be delivered on time by our own transportation system.

Whilst ordering your new boat or having a boat yard refit to your existing craft, ensure that you insist on a Moody deck. It will look fantastic and stand the test of time. Not all new boats have a Moody deck, some have rebated imitations. Be sure your model does have a full depth seamed Moody deck.

Our friendly team who are passionate about quality decks are always on hand to help and serve our customers.

Moodys excel in managing projects and relieving customers of the stress and strain that comes with an installation.

Without a doubt we are privileged to have such a great customer base and look forward to having many more happy future customers with the best decking on their boats, MOODY DECKING.

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