Our Facilities

Our indoor factory space covers 2500 square meters on two floors and the largest floor areas are dedicated to deck building. Because we build our decks in fully laid out jigs it’s not surprising they take up a lot of floor space.

Our mill is the next largest area with teak storage both inside and outside. Some of our teak comes in rough sawn lengths of block wood and some comes pre-machined to often used dimensions.  We check the moisture content of all timber we use and have our own on-site kiln to reduce moisture levels to those required to ensure good bonding.

The mill’s machining and engineering facilities are numerous. In the area of the basic equipment we have cross cut saws, band saws and planers. Our more sophisticated equipment consists of overhead routers, four sided planers and three CNC routers capable of producing multiple deck parts covering areas of 8ft by 4ft each. The facility has comprehensive dust extraction and collection systems in place at all equipment.

Our CNC  and CAD operations are supported by laser mapping digitisation equipment which is able to transfer shapes directly from a vessel or templates to the CAD program. This enables us to CNC cut designed shapes or make copies of any shape faithfully.

For final finishing of deck panels we have a three belt sander capable of sanding widths of 1.3 meters and lengths up to 11 meters. Typically, around six individual panels will make up a single deck for a large production yacht.

Every component is packed and wrapped for protection before being transported by our trailer to site for installation.