Moody Decking’s primary manufacturing is of teak decks for yachts. We import our own teak only from mills that operate a system of sustainable forestation. We receive our wood mostly in block rough sawn lengths and prepare and finish our planking in our own mill facility.

The quality of teak for our decks is able to chosen by our customer, but we restrict the quality to only three grades and all are produced in the quarter sawn grain alignment. The choices of teak are super yacht grade, premium grade and Moody standard grade. We do not use any inferior grade teak, all our teak is carefully selected to give a Moody deck the finish and quality expected by our customers.

Our decks are built with full depth caulking seams and an epoxy fibreglass backing, finished in a peel ply surface. This enables us to use the full thickness of the teak, resulting in a deck with a far longer life than a deck with rebate seams. The bond breaking tape at the bottom of the caulked seams allows the caulking to move with the teak expansion cycle and boat movement, stopping seam edge failure.

A shallow rebate seam will in time become an inadvertent problem as deck wear will cause the loss of the caulking line. Our full depth seam gives you the peace of mind that the caulking will last as long as the deck.

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