Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves on supplying the best product and service that are available in the United Kingdom if not the world.

Moodys have been constructing prefabricated decking for over 25 years, the wealth of knowledge that has been passed down through generations of a family boat building business which started around 200 years ago adds to the prestige and heritage that is Moody decking.

The teak is all quarter sawn in our wood mill. We have 4 highly experienced technicians who sort through the teak looking for knots, tiger effect and defects that are not allowed past the quality check stage. Any rejects are used in laminated mouldings to help reduce the waste, and ensure that we supply a product that is ecologically sound.  Our timber waste is used to heat our workshop.

All decks are carefully crafted from the first design stage through to the final fitting. We have a dedicated finishing team to ensure all products are perfect upon leaving our factory.

Moody Decking FULL depth seam system allows the full life of the teak to be used, unique in the United Kingdom. Other deck manufacturers use a rebated seam system which halves the life of the deck.  Be sure you have a Moody deck that will give you peace of mind that it will last.

Our workshop is environmentally controlled to ensure all products are stored and used in the correct way.

All material batch numbers are recorded and kept with each individual deck's build data so traceability can be assured.