The Team

At Moody Decking we have invested in people skills to run our modern manufacturing machinery; our teams are led by highly skilled personnel from their field, and to secure our skill base for the future we encourage youth training and run a prize-winning developed apprenticeship scheme.

Our mill team have to have a good eye for picking quality rough sawn teak; there is more to machining wood than sawing it into planks. It takes experience to make good wood selection on the basis of colouring and grain stability, the angle of cut to the grain, the avoidance of knots and shakes. Using our modern machining tools we can repeatedly produce perfectly accurate components for decks or other projects of great complexity.

Our design team use CAD (computer aided design) technology to create the perfect design layouts for each of our customers. Designs can be created direct from templates taken from a yacht or in some cases directly from the yacht itself by using laser mapping equipment which interfaces with our CAD process. When every component is known, the CAD design can then be used to generate a cutting programme for each piece on one of our three CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines.

Our factory production team turn the shaped pieces and classic long runs of teak planking into what we know to be a beautiful finished deck, ready to be installed by our offsite installation team on any size of yacht, whether it be a loved 20 footer or an exotic 200 footer. Our production team work to very high standards of quality and precision; they know that when a Moody deck or other product leaves the factory it has been meticulously checked to provide our very best of finishes.

Our offsite installation team receive areas of deck that have been prepared at the factory. Each area has been completed in the classic caulked seam design and the area has been stabilised by a single layer of woven fibreglass matt being applied to the reverse side. The deck areas are then epoxy glued using the vacuum bagging system to the yacht's bare deck surface. The various areas that make up the complete deck fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and once they are all in place and glued down, it only remains to caulk the connecting seams and carrying out the final finishing to provide a perfect deck for our customer.

Our specialist component manufacturing team work on all parts that are not the principal deck. These include the making of individual steps, tables, flooring panels, grating boards, feature components, items with single and double curvature; they also carry out specialist surface finishes.