Our specialist component manufacturing team produce teak internal flooring. Three primary designs are frequently used, but we are able to cater for any design the customer wishes. So, if you have an inventive design that’s a bit different we’d be happy to produce it.

It is normal that internal flooring does not have a caulked seam between planks and the plank width is often a little wider. Our design team are able to guide you through the best sizing for the floor space. Standard flooring will be planking butted together giving a flat even surface. The second design is the planking butted together with a 1 mm surface groove between each plank which raises the detail by subtly defining the planking line. The third flooring design is mostly traditional, where strips of white holly are used as an inlay instead of caulked seams, providing a much defined planking line. The third option can also be supplied in veneer sheets of marine grade ply and fitted as panels. These are often used for flooring in the saloon of a sailing yachts where lifting the panels provides access to the bilge area or a motor yacht's engine compartment.

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